Repainting Kitchen Cabinets Look Old

Cabinet Colors Repainting-Kitchen-Cabinets

Cabinet Colors Repainting-Kitchen-Cabinets

Repainting kitchen cabinets with distress technique usually involves harmful light, antiques treatment is generally light and crackle paint is a faux paint finish designed to develop cracks. Choose a method or combine them to achieve the results you want.

Distressing: Repainting kitchen cabinets with dark base color and let it dry completely. Paint a second color on the first and up to a third if you will, let the paint dry after each coat. Distress surface by sanding through multiple paint colors around corners and areas of heaviest wear. Give cabinets rustic look beaten by calibrating with screwdrivers, knives scraping or pin punches with a chain or other means to achieve any level of difficulty you want.

Antiques: Repainting kitchen cabinets light base color and let dry completely. Up a brush in a second color of light and apply it in a cloth until the brush is rather dry. the second color dry brush in cabinets around the edges and in patches to simulate wear points. Sand patches to produce more antique or splash a darker paint in small dots to simulate flyspecks slightly. Try running your thumb on a toothbrush loaded with some paint to produce specks, but be sure to practice on another surface first.

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